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  • By law, your dog must have a tag on its collar with your mobile number on...or it is a £5000 fine if caught without.
  • By law, you need to be over 16 in order to be responsible for taking your dog for a walk.
  • To remove the smell of fox poo from your dog...rub ketchup on the area a couple of times before shampooing...the combination of vinegar and tomatoes in the ketchup neutralises the smell.
  • For teething puppies or a summer treat...give them a frozen carrot to chew on: the cold soothes their gums while the carrot, as well as being a healthy snack, keeps them occupied and entertained.
  • In the occurance of an upset tummy, as an alternative to chicken & rice, we recommend 'Chappie' tinned food: it is gentle on the stomach, light and healthy.
  • You can use Manuka Honey (at least 15+) to help heal scrapes and cuts, they will still get the benefits if they lick it.  To soothe a rash, water it down with hot water and apply with cotton wool when cooled.  
  • For itchy eye infections a camomile tea wash is very soothing. 





Plan Ahead (To ensure you are prepared for your dog's overnight visit)

  • Have the two forms Dog-Info & ServiceAgreement completed and signed (you can download them from the links at the bottom of Page2/Services on this website).
  • Have extra supplies of food available in the event that you cannot return when expected.
  • Be sure all dogs are wearing their collars with tags.
  • Put our numbers and email in with your travel documents so that if you are delayed, you can let us know.
  • It may be advisable to include a blanket or bed where your dog is used to sleep on, in order to make it easier for him/her to settle in a new environment for the first time.
  • Inform your vet ahead of time when you are away, should there be an emergency, as to the actions you wish for them to take and who is looking after your dog.



Supplies for your pet.  Remember to bring the following:

  • Food for length of stay.
  • Collar with tag
  • Medication Flea/Worming medication if treatment needed.
  • Bed/Blanket
  • Dietary treats
  • Brush/Comb if required